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July 2001

The short course on "Automated and Remote Monitoring" has been reworked and a specific agenda has now been added.

June 2001

The ASTM session will explore the various subcommittees in Committee D18 where various Time Domain Reflectometry Standards might be established.

April 2001
There will be three sessions for the January 2002 Transportation Research Board (TRB) meeting. Papers are being solicited for all of these sessions:
(a) Instrumentation and Testing of Bridge Foundations
(b) Geotechnical Applications of TDR and Fiber Optic Sensors
(c) Instrumentation to Monitor Freezing Effects in Soils

Case Studies and Principles of Real Time Monitoring of Infrastructure Using TDR Technology. These articles demonstrate installation techniques, remote monitoring capabilities and typical results. (PDF Format)

March 2001
Seminar Descriptions
(Abstracts) available for TDR 2001 Symposium

"Real Time Monitoring of Subsidence Along I-70 in Washington, Pennsylvania" by K. O'Connor, Ronald Clark, David Whitlatch, and Charles Dowding (PDF format)

February 2001
"Real Time Monitoring of Transportation Infrastructure with TDR Technology" by K. O'Connor and C. Dowding (PDF format)

January 2001
Preliminary Program & Half Day Courses for TDR 2001 Symposium

December 2000
Book outline and Chapter one of Geomeasurements by Pulsing TDR Cables and Probes by K. O'Connor and C. Dowding is now available online. (PDF format)

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